Wednesday, 14 June 2017

can he save her?

Once there was a boy named Peter. When he went to a place to learn about spider’s. When he went in a place like a spider cave. When  he was looking around a spider jumped off the roof and jumped on his neck and bit him. Then as  he was walking out he was feeling weird. Then when he was at home he found a suit that was red and blue and looked like a spider. And after he saw it it gave him an Idea to make a thing that shot’s out wisp. After a few min’s he knew what to name the superhero he called him-safe spider-man.

Once spider-man was in new-York city and people were working then there was a bad guy and came with a big truck and crushed the workplace  but they were still safe but one was not safe when she was falling spider-man was in a rush and went to the workplace very fast every-body in new-York city thought that she would die but she did not die. The bad-guy’s name was killer-crock. They walked but still Peter also called spider man followed killer crock  

Friday, 26 May 2017

sky tower challenge

On Saturday the 13th of march Julie (which is Miss Parrant cousin) anyways she did the sky tower  challenge! She had to climb 1103 stairs and 51 floors isn’t that amazing! If you are wondering why is she doing this it is because when they finish the challenge they raise money for the cancer people. When Julie was doing the challenge she was doing it for one particular person but I am not to sure what the person name is.Before she did the challenge she had to practice on the moving stairs.Then when she did the actual challenge she wore firefighters clothes .Once Miss Parrant showed us this video and the people that did the stair climbing look like they were going to pass out I felt so sad for them but they had to do it!Julie said that  “they did an amazing event to be a part of and over million dollars raised for Leukemia" (I still don't know who

Chasity and the three bears

Once upon a time there were three bears and they were making porridge but the porridge was too hot so they went in the forest. They went to go get some fish in the forest. While they were gone Chasity came to the house and she wanted to eat the porridge because she was hungry. She went to look for a chair to eat the porridge and she broke the chair and then the porridge went in her face. She then went to go and have a sleep. She went to the last room in the house and she tried the first bed but it was too hard and hot. Then she tried the second bed but it was too soft. Then she went to the next bed and it was just right. She fell asleep. The bears came back from fishing and they saw a little human sleeping. They were so mad they roared and scared her away. They chased her away and she fell in a hole. Chastiyti tried to yell for help but no one came for her. She tried to climb out and call for her mum. Her mum came and helped her out. Then she was so happy she went home and had a sleep. The end,

swimming recount

Have You ever swam with your school? While This is a recount of our school swimming weeks. We Got To Swim for 3 weeks non Stop swimming I love it.

We went Swimming  at 12:00. After morning tea  We Get Our Togs Ready And Then Have Lunch. After That We Got to Play So Miss scanlan Calls Us On The Speaker. At 1:45 We Line Up for Swimming.

We learnt how to get in  safely and keep warm and how to stay above the water so we don't drown so we learnt what can stay above the water and stuff that can not stay above they just sink. The things that can stay above the water is life jackets and thing that sink is rooks.

I think I was Better at the end then the start. It Is Because After the last swimming day for school i went to the pools, and tested out my skills.  We Learned about safety Stuff every day.

Thank you miss vaafusuaga For making this for us. Also Thank you life guards for teaching us how to swim like a pro. I now know how to swim.

I enjoyed the last day because we got to do frontflips. We also got to float for help. We Know How To do safe things around water places.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

jaylim Immersion Assembly - Now that's thinking!

Hi today we are going to be learning how a phone has changed over the year from when the first phone was made to now We are learning about technology and how it has changed over the year like the touch screen and the ones inside the photobooth. eam 4 will be focusing on how technology has changed over the year and how some other thing like shoes. How to changes technology is the topic for 2017 and term 2 i think that shoes should stay the same and a phone should stay the same to. How to changes technology is the topic for 2017 and term 2 i think that shoes should stay the same and a phone should stay the same to. I want to look at the old things and like how things would look like if they did not change over the year Well i hope you have enjoyed my story you are most welcome to look at some more blog post by.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Whats is your password ?

We learnt to use a song lyric or a poem to create a secure password